Celtic Fiddlers

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If Music be the Food of Love, I'll 'ave a Cornish Pasty!

The music we play is based on traditional tunes from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Cornwall. We also venture as far as America with some of the tunes that were taken over there by the original settlers from various parts of the British Isles. We are also planning to introduce a few tunes from the Celtic tradition in Europe.

All the music is arranged in several parts for violins, violas and cellos and for players of differing levels so that everyone, however inexperienced, can join in. The arrangers are all members of the group, mostly Liz Gregg and Judith Bailey, and are purposely written for the abilities we have in the group.

There are two examples of our music opposite. If you like what you hear we have a complete cd for sale which can be purchased from our store.